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Replace Excel, Word and shared files with Notion

Excel is a spreadsheet, not a database.

Most use cases of Excel at work are databases : client listing, invoices, project management, ... Notion allows you to blend databases with other content and makes it easy to share the data across the entire organization.

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Create views : kanban, tables, timelines, lists, ...
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Filter and sort data in a few clicks
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Display databases anywhere in the workspace

Stop writing daily notes and docs on Word.

Word might be the right tool to prepare an annual report but it shouldn't be your go to writing solution at work. Notion can help your team write notes fast, add external context with blocks and share them easily inside or outside your organization.

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Create templates for frequent knowledge entries
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Add tables, docs and files to your notes
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Share notes easily with teams, clients and partners

Shared files are a knowledge graveyard.

Notion is one giant wiki where you can create, organize and share knowledge as a team. Turn your knowledge into an asset and help your team find the right information at the right time to create maximum value.

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Access data easily from all devices
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Filter, sort and display contextual data
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Turn your data into one single source of truth
Replace Excel, Word and shared files with Notion

“Notion is the best thing that happened to small businesses since Spreadsheets.”

Jeremy Foucray, CEO of Zetoolbox
Back in the 90's and 00's, companies discovered the bliss of working with digital tools. Software was empowering people to create spreadsheets that gave a new meaning to their job.

In the 10's, software started to eat the world and we saw hundreds of thousands of new apps emerge.

Today, there are literally tens of leading software for every business use case : accounting, sales, marketing, e-commerce, hiring, instant messaging, project management, ...

People are either drowning under multiple tools they don't use or super heavy tools they don't understand.

The 20's call for simplicity and comfort in the workplace. Modern teams need seamless collaboration and a single source of truth every user can rely on to get work done.

I run Zetoolbox, a French consulting firm that helps businesses transition to better, more efficient ways of working with the right tools. We advise dozens of organizations every year and talk to hundreds of software editors.

With its minimal design approach and powerful collaboration features, Notion is hands down one of the best and most powerful tools ever created.

So powerful it made me create a new company, Notion for Business, to help companies like yours adopt Notion and use it right.

Work with certified Notion Consultants.

In Notion, we see more than a tool, we see a new skill that makes your life at work easier. We will help you design your workspace and teach your team new ways to collaborate.

The only Notion partner you need

Still trying to figure out the best way to use Notion for you ops as a team?

We help you define your data model, design the perfect workspace for your company and migrate data from your existing tools to Notion.

Data model design
Template design
Data import & Migration support

Have you discovered the power of Notion API yet ?

Our developers help you connect Notion to your website, CRM, ERP, ATS and any other tool to build advanced workflows and automate your team's work.

Zapier, Integromat,
Custom integrations & Scripting
Data visualization & Dashboards

Notion is more than a tool, it's a new productivity language !

Our consultants will teach your team the best practices of Notion's databases, pages, collaboration and knowledge management.

Video training

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"One of the most valuable Notion templates I've seen !"

Join + 50 small and medium businesses.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 50,  Notion for Business is the perfect partner to help your team become peacefully productive.

Save hundreds of hours in setup and accelerate your learning curve with our help.
“I just switched from ClickUp to Notion and Central Framework was exactly what we needed to transition efficiently.”
Danilo Duchesnes, Founder of DHS Digital (7 people)
Arthur Dawans
“We wanted to switch our project management and commercial activities to Notion. Notion for Business gave us the kick we needed to make it happen.”
Arthur Dawans, Co-founder @Skysun (12 people)
“What Jeremy and his team do with Notion can bring value to any small or medium business.”
Shubham Sharma, Youtuber

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