Our top 10 Chrome extensions for Notion

Think Notion is awesome? Try our list of curated top 10 Google Chrome extensions to make your workspaces even more practical.


Since you are reading this, you probably already know Notion is an incredibly powerful all-in-one centralised workspace for your business.

What you didn't know, is that since they opened their API to the public (more on this here) developers of all kinds started building custom tools and extensions to make Notion even more powerful and bring it that extra juice to make your life even easier.

So we spent days researching and trying them out and built a comprehensive list of our top 10 Chrome extensions for Notion.


So you don't have to.

You can now give you and your team new magic powers.

Free of charge.

Thank us later.


Notion+ Mark Manager

Amongst its many features, Notion allows you to color and highlight important information such as text, notes and comments so you and your team can spot it more easily.

But why lose minutes scrolling through pages just to find that one nugget?

The first extension of our list now automatically stores your highlighted information in a central location so you can access it in seconds.

But that's not all: it also lets you import and export it all in one click.

Maybe you keep a log of all of your meeting notes on Notion.

And maybe your manager asked you a specific question you couldn't answer last week and made a note of it so you wouldn't forget about it.

So not only do you have to find your notes from last week, you also have to find exactly where that information is stored in your notes.

This is a task that can easily take you 3-5 minutes.

You can now prevent this thanks to Notion+ Mark Manager.

Here is a video to get you started with this awesome extension.


If you are human, you might like to read and search for information online.

Maybe that information was your competitor's website and you liked their tone of voice and the way they present themselves online.

And maybe you want your team to adopt this new habit as well.

You could simply send them the link to your competitor's website.

But maybe something more specific really stood out, like a paragraph on their 3rd field of expertise.

With Trove, you can now instantly capture this information, store it directly into Notion, and share it with your team simultaneously.

This is a great little productivity extension if you like to get a little bit smarter and a little bit more productive everyday.


Although initially designed for students, Zorbi can be applied beyond the classroom.

This great little extension allows you to turn your Notion notes and pages into flashcards.

You can for instance build flashcards for your best-selling products so you can train your new sales rep who joined your team last week.

Or maybe you are a real estate agent and you are planning a series of viewings tomorrow and want to prep yourself on each property to close as many deals as possible.

Regardless of your industry, Zorbi can help you and your team deliver better results with dedicated flashcards.

But wait, it gets better: Zorbi comes built in with AI functionalities that predict when you are going to forget about your flashcards.

With Zorbi, lets you optimise your numbers and your brain.

Notion slides

Most of us use either one of three tools to build presentations:

  • Powerpoint
  • Google Slides
  • Keynote

Personally, we like Keynote.

But we won't judge you if you use the other two. Just kidding.

More seriously though, since you already use Notion at work you might have become slightly addicted to shortcuts and integrations.

But did you know you can build presentations in Notion too?

Notion Slides is an extension that turns your Notion pages into minimalistic presentations so you never leave the app.

Check out this presentation if you want to know what this looks like in practice.

Notion Boost

We heard through the grapevine that Notion wasn't making Ivan Zaho productive enough.

So he decided to start Notion Boost: an energy drink infused with 3.4% of pure medical-grade adrenaline to give you that extra kick.

Just in case, you know?

All jokes aside though, Notion Boost is actually a Chrome extension featuring a stack of 20+ mini Notion add-ons to enhance your Notion experience by making it even more distraction-free.

For instance, it lets you add more height to your pages by hiding the top padding, your icons and your image cover.

Who said oversize was just a fashion trend?

You can also add a custom 'Scroll to top' button just so you don't have to.. well, scroll to the top.

Notion Boost will even make your rollup URL's clickable for you.

If this doesn't sound good enough already, learn about the 17 other ways Notion Boost can turn you into a productive machine - all in one tool.

Web Clipper

Web Clipper is another web-focused extension which allows you to save any web-based content directly into your Notion workspace.

You can choose its destination in Notion and keep a database of your clips for future reference and projects.

You can add notes, share it, make it a task. Every item can be tagged, assigned to team members and more.

Save to Notion

Save To Notion is a multi-purpose Chrome extension combining the powers of Mark Manager, Trove, and Web Clipper all in one extension.

You can save articles, highlights, websites, emails and virtually anything available on the web into Notion.

For instance, you can use this extension to quickly bookmark articles, but also to save other kind of useful data like emails, jobs, and anything else that might come in useful for you or your team (as long as it's publicly available on the web).

But wait, it gets better: you can apply your favorite templates directly onto your saved data to make it even more comprehensive, accessible, and actionable.

And then compile everything into dedicated databases complete with properties and tags for relevant verticals and team members.

Notion X

If you are a Notion power user, then this extension is made for you.

Notion X is the equivalent of heated seats in your car: slightly unnecessary, but oh so comfortable.

When you spend your entire 9-hour work day on Notion, Notion X is there to give you a warm hug with its subtle UX and UI features that provide an extra layer of smart and practical design thanks to small custom features made just for your own comfort.

You might find the contrast on Notion's dark mode option slightly too sharp for your eyesight. Turn on Notion X's Global Low Contrast option to lower visual contrast across all contents such as pictures for example.

Another great feature this extension comes with, is its ability to generate dynamic tables of content according to your header blocks sorting your content into 3-tier priority levels.

You guessed it: Notion X is really designed to make your life easier, improve your focus, and enhance your Notion experience to make your days, weeks and months much more comfortable.

Evergreen Notes

Notion is a great tool, wonderful to organize your work and personal lives.

However there are a few things missing with regards to seeing the connection between your different notes and dashboards.

Evergreen Notes brings the power of networked notes and combines it with Notion's organization, powerful database system and beautiful design.

It makes it easy to see your related notes use networked knowledge management to produce better work.

All your references, backlinks relations and mentions are right in the sidebar.

Additionally, your notes are easier to disseminate.

It shows your highlights in the current page and other important information at a glance.

The ever present table of contents will also help you navigate large notes.

Tailored in Notion

Maybe more on the further end of this list but just in case you don't like the native minimalistic design of Notion, you can now change it and tailor it to your preferences with this Chrome extension.

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