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Central is the best way to turn Notion into value for your team by organizing all your data into clear and contextual dashboards for every user.

“Let's make your team more productive.”

Jeremy Foucray, creator of Central
Since I became a Notion consultant back in 2019, I have been looking to design the perfect workspace system for small businesses.

A system that would be easy to use and easy to learn. A system that would centralize knowledge but empower every user individually. A system that could be used by teams of all kind and still stay relevant.

It took two years, Notion massive features updates, dozens of consulting missions and countless hours to finally come up with Central.

Central is based on the concept that every team at every company is playing around with the same data over and over all day long : meetings, tasks, projets, contacts, etc.

When these data are not connected, work feels overwhelming and you lose hours every day, wasting brain power to try to keep up and put everything into order.

When you connect these data, you can actually start building knowledge upon them to empower your work and create an environment of peaceful productivity.

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