Automation services

Hire expert developers to connect Notion to your other tools and build automated workflows.

Build and manage automated workflows

We create multiple steps workflows in your favorite automation tool to make your team's life easier.

Stop waisting your time on recurring tasks with no added value and start creating an environment of peaceful productivity.
“I chose Notion for business because they are alors automations experts.”
Danilo Duchesnes, DHS Digital

Connect Notion to any other tool with an API

Only a small portion of tool editors have developed a connector on Zapier directory.

For tools that haven't, our team of developers can create custom integrations and connect Notion to any other API.

Extract data from Notion and embed it back in

With the API, you can export data from Notion databases to any BI or data visualization tool.

We create your dashboards in Data Studio, Power BI, Databox of Klipfolio and embed them back into Notion so you can track your KPI's in one place.
“It's nice to track KPIs right inside Notion while waiting for native Notion charts.”
Yan de Paula, MerciJack