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Hire a Notion expert today to help you build the perfect workspace.

Take control of your data

Do you keep track of all meetings, tasks, projects and objectives taking place at your company ? 

We help you understand the kind of data that are relevant to your organization and connect them in Notion thanks to our Central Framework.
“The speed at which Jeremy and his team are building full systems is impressive.”
Yan de Paula, MerciJack

Eliminate recurring tasks

Do you often perform the same task, attend the same kind of meetings or write the same kind of reports ?

You can make your life a lot easier with templates that do the tedious and recurring part of the job for you. Templates can make you saves days every week. Seriously.
“Templates have made us save 40% time on our proposal writing process.”
Benoît Perron, Loka

Switch smoothly from your old tools to Notion

Wondering how you were going to migrate this client database to Notion ? 

Don't worry, we take of everything. Give us your files and databases, we prepare your workspace so you can feel home from day one.
“I gave my CRM credentials to the team and they imported all my contacts.”
Arthur Dawans, SkySun