Training services

Find the right method and experts to help your team master Notion as a skill.

Teach yourself how to use Notion

Need to learn Notion at your own pace and on your own ? This is for you.

We design and produce video content to help you become a good Notion maker. Our trainings come with templates and real life examples.
“This template was all I needed to get started. You guys rock !”
Adrien Collignon, NS Factory

Learn Notion with a pro

It's always nice to take some time with an expert and fluent Notion user when you are learning.

Wether it for kickstarting a training project, organizing an AMA session, brainstorming on usages or learning about specific features, we've got you covered.
“We love our weekly workshop with Jeremy, he always comes up with ways to save time.”
Benoît Fally, PrivateLending